About Us


Aarohi Blood Bank (ABB) an initiative of Aarohi (not for profit grassroots organization since 2000) operating since the last 13 years at Hyderabad with the active support of donors and volunteers. ABB operates on a unique ‘not for profit’ model of providing state of art facilities for Blood Donation, component preparation and issuance of Blood and Blood Products.
ABB’s mission is to enable availability of safe blood at an affordable price to those who can afford and issue free and safe blood to those who cannot, especially to children diagnosed with thalassemia and Children with Leukemia admitted at government hospitals.

Aarohi is borne out of a review (and is in response) of the Indian public health situation, which pointed to serious blood shortages - further seriously aggravated by the lack of appropriate infrastructure for enabling ‘safe blood transfusions’.

Being a country with a population of over 1.3 billion, India faces serious challenge in meeting blood requirements. Statistics show that in India there are 234 million major surgeries, 63 million trauma related surgeries, 31 million cancer related procedures and 10 million pregnancy related complication which require safe blood transfusions.

In addition to these requirements (which are possibly one off), there is a category where need is perennial. Conditions like Thalassemia, Leukemia and similar such hematological diseases have longer duration requirements.

While the first category has ‘healthcare’ support in terms of the medical delivery system addressing it – starting from hospitals recognising need and equipping itself, the second category is more ‘medicare’ in nature and need and therefore, has no institutional support. The ‘carrier of the disease’ has to fend for himself or herself, on an individual basis.

Further, the first category is financially supported. The hospital charges for all services including blood. And the patient is able to pay for it – either based on their own financial capability or an insurance supported mechanism. However, the second category has no such system and possibly, not possible to have it in place.

Thirdly, the carriers of the ‘perennial’ segment are, invariably, from the poorer section of the society as they contract these conditions due to ignorance and / or sheer inability to apply mind on such issues.

We believe this is where Aarohi comes to play, wherein it plays the role of a reliable intermediary who connects such needy with the large community of big hearted Voluntary Donors and ensures that these needy get access to safe blood / blood components.

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Our Mission

1. To provide the high quality and safe blood and related blood products to children suffering from Thalassemia and Leukemia primarily in the Greater Hyderabad Municipality area. 2. To make blood donation 100% voluntary without any replacement donor by building individual or institutional alliances. 3. To create awareness about Thalassemia so that the incidence decreases over time. 4. To motivate and train the next generation youth leaders to ensure sustainability of the mission of Voluntary Blood Donation.

Our Vision

A Centre of Excellence in Blood Banking, Committed to Safe and High Quality Blood for Thalassemia and Leukemia Children, free of cost , thereby enabling them an opportunity for a normal and holistic life, while canvassing Blood Donation, as only Voluntary, and, at all times, guided by principles of Compassion, Care and uncompromising adherence to Integrity.

Our Message

At Aarohi Blood Bank (ABB), We aim is to bring out the hero in everyone through blood donation. Our vision is to bridge the gap between donors and patients by raising awareness, encouraging voluntary donation through our camps and by providing it to those who cannot afford it, free of cost.


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